Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our "new" normal

We are settling into what we are now calling our "new" normal. If you haven't heard we have had a crazy and life changing month. On the 13th of March we moved into our new place. We are renting a 3 bedroom duplex out in the valley, about 30 minutes from where we lived before. We love it out here! On the 18th we celebrated my 39th birthday at my sister's. Her husband bbq steaks and chicken. It was so good!!! Also, that day I had gone to see a hematologist to see what was going on with my blood levels. They were still really low from September when I had my surgery for a polyp in my uterus. Anyway, they drew tons of blood and saw I was still low. He wanted to wait to see what the rest of the results were before he decided what to do. On the 19th he called and told me to come right in. He told me the reason for the low blood was because my kidneys were not functioning right. My numbers were terrible. I believe he used the words "in the toilet". He called the kidney Dr I had seen when pregnant with Ryan and that Dr wanted to have me admitted right way. I was stunned but went in. When I got checked into my room the Dr came into see me and told me I would need to start dialysis right away. I was whisked away to have a catheter place in my chest so they could do that. I had my first treatment that day. To make a very long week short, I was there until the 27th of March and left with the diagnosis of End-Stage Renal Failure. I am now doing dialysis 3x week for 4 hours each time. I feel so much better then I have in along time. Now as you realize I have 2 very active boys and it isn't very convenient to have to go 3x week so I am hoping to get a kidney transplant in the next year or so. That is been our crazy month thus far. Our life have done a 180. I do know that God's hands are all over this and He is with me everyday I walk this crazy road. I know that He will bring us through this in His time. I believe there is a reason for everything, what that is I have no idea but my Father in heaven knows and I am leaning on Him right now. I would not be able to get through this with out Him, He is my strength!! I do ask for prayers for a kidney match. We have been blessed to have so many people behind us praying and giving support and we thank them all so very much. Continue praying! Love to you all!

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