Saturday, December 1, 2012

Very late update

So, it has been one year since I posted and so much has happened.  First, things are going well for us.  We are keeping busy.  Ryan started Kindergarten and Connor is now in 5th grade.  Both are doing well in school, however, Ryan got an amazing conference.  His teacher said they loved having Ryan in class and he was always friendly and does whatever is asked of him.  We were bursting with pride I will tell you that.  Connor is doing well, he could be doing better but I see improvements since his conference. 
boys on the 1st day of school.     

In April Connor turned 10!  I can hardly believe he is 10, it seems like yesterday I was just finding out we were pregnant.  He has really been into polar bears so I had a friend make a polar bear cake.  We took him and a couple of his friends to Chuck E. Cheese.  We also did a family dinner at Pizza Hut, his favorite place. 

On Easter we went to church and I made dinner.  We had my mom and my in-laws over.  It was a nice, quite day.
In July/August both boys took swim lesson.  This was the first year Ryan had taken lessons and he did so well and loved it. 

No fear Ryan.  He loved jumping into the pool.
 In August we took a 4 day trip over to Seattle.  We had a good time.  The boys loved the swim pool in the hotel. The zoo was a fun stop also!
we stopped in Snoqualmie Falls on the way over to Seattle

Connor's favorite - The polar bears

Ryan loved riding the camel

lunch at the zoo, boys being silly

Ryan loved the monkeys!
In August Ryan turned 5.  I know I said this about Connor but I can't believe he is 5.  The difference between the both is I have really tried to stop and enjoy all of Ryan's phases and not wish he would hurry onto the next one.  He wanted to have a dinosaur theme party so the friend who made Connor's cake made him a dinosuar cake.  We had the party with several of his friends at a jumpy castle place.  He loved it and had so much fun. 
Connor and his friend Kathrine.

Ryan and all his friends.

Mr. cutie with his cake.  He loved it!

present time

Granma and Papa got him a new bike.
In September, Shannon and I celebrated our 20th anniversary.  We were able to get out of town for the night.  We headed over to Sandpoint, Idaho and stayed at this amazing Bed and Breakfast. 
This the bed and breakfast place we stayed.  We had the whole bottom floor to ourselves!!!

 We took the boys trick or treating and the weather was so mild.  We went to a big neighborhood and walked around for about an hour.  The boys had full pumpkins.  Connor dressed up as a ninja and Ryan went as the black spiderman.
ninja and black spiderman

he went as "regular" spiderman for his class party

Connor at his class party

our pumpkins.

September/October Ryan played Upward Flag Football and he loved it!!!  We had so much fun watching him and the weather was so warm up until the last couple weeks.  It was so cold!!  He can't wait till next year to play again.
going thru the tunnel before a game.

sitting on bench watching his teammates play.

We went to watch our first High School football game.  Very cold but fun.

The weekend of Thanksgiving we decorated the house.  The boys love to help put up the tree.
So that pretty much wraps it up.  I am trying to keep busy now that both boys are at school all day.  Shannon is still making movies when they are filming.  He has been doing some Holiday work for Fedex and we are praying it works into a full time job after the Holidays. 
I will try to be better about blogging so you all can see how quickly the boys are growing. 

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