Monday, November 28, 2011

A lot has happened!

It has been a while since I posted last. For awhile I couldn't find my card reader to upload photos then when I found it, it didn't work. We bought a new one. This post is going to just be some photos and an update of what is been going on. August we had Ryan's 4th Birthday. We had a lot of fun. He invited his friends and we played pin the tail on Perry and we did an obstacal course. Ryan opened presents and we had yummy cake. I can't even believe Ryan is 4! In September Connor started 4th grade! I really like his teacher this year. I talk with her at least once a week. Connor is doing really well. I am very proud of him. On the 19th of September, Shannon and I celebrated our 19th anniversary. October was Halloween and the boys went trick-or-treating. Ryan went as picachu and Connor was Luigi. They did pretty well. For Thanksgiving we went to Denise's in-laws for dinner. It was nice and loud. There were about 30 people there. The kids had fun. We just decorated our tree the other day. I am just about ready for Christmas. I need to get a few more presents and get them wrapped then I am done. I plan to just take it easy and enjoy the reason for season. I want to try to start some fun things to help the boys understand that Christmas just isn't about Santa and presents. We celebrate something much more important and that is the birth of Jesus! We have been busy and trying to keep up with two very busy boys. Here are some pics of what has been going on with us.

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