Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a sunny,warm Easter. What a fabulous day to celebrate Jesus resurrection. Spring is my favorite time of year and it is even better when we can celebrate what Jesus did for us. The night before the boys colored eggs and had so much fun. They love to color the eggs. Ryan hasn't figured out how to use the egg dipper so he uses his hands and ends up with colored fingers. To cute!

colored hands, thankfully it all washed off!

Being silly!

All finished

On Sunday, we went to church. The service was fabulous and I (Stephanie) even sang in the choir. It was fun but scary! After service we went out to Denise's and had lunch. She made a really yummy ham and all the fixings. It was all so delicious. After lunch the kiddos went on an Easter egg hunt. They had so much fun looking for all 40 eggs. It was a very wonderful sunny, warm day for an egg hunt. Sorry didn't take any pics. The boys had so much fun. They crashed when they went to bed.

such handsome boys!

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