Sunday, January 30, 2011

Science Fair

Connor had his first science fair project this last week. I gave Shannon the task of helping Connor decide what he wanted to do and help him put it together. (science was never my thing!) Anyway, Connor wanted to see if the temperature affected the bounce of a ball. They had 3 brand new tennis balls. The first one they froze, 2nd one they heated in the dryer and the 3rd they left at room temp. Here they are checking to see how high each ball will bounce:

They found out that the heated one bounced the highest and the frozen one bounced the lowest.
It was really fun watching them work on it together. Here they are filling out some of the questions on the sheet to help them put the project together later: (ok, so Shannon did most of the filling out!)

The had to put all their information on to a poster board. Shannon typed out all the information and Connor pasted it all on the board. It turned out pretty good for a first time project. In fact they received 5 out of 5 points!

The finished project.

Posing in front of the project at school.

We went to the school to see all the projects. Each classroom displayed the kids from that room. We only went and saw Connor's class. When we got there we noticed a little sticky note on his desk next to his display. The note said to not take home that night because it had been chosen to be taken and displayed at the CV district science fair display at the mall! They were so excited. The teacher said it was a big deal since only 2 from each class are chosen and Connor's project was one of the few that had all the points made on it. He was so excited. What a great job they both did!! After we went and had some ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Great job Daddy and Connor!

And of course we couldn't leave Ryan out of the pics!!

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heather said...

Great job Connor!!!!

(and Shannon!) ;)