Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun at the Fair

We went to the Spokane Interstate Fair last night and had so much fun. We ate some good fair food. Corn dogs, elephant ears, cotton candy and shaved ice. Connor decided to do the tractor pull for the first time and had fun. All the kids got a ribbon at the end even if they didn't come in first. Ryan was very sad he couldn't do it also but you had to be 4. They felt bad for him so they let him ride on one. He even got a ribbon. He was thrilled! After that we let the boys go on the rides. They had so much fun. This was the first time we have gone to the fair since Ryan was 2 weeks old. They both loved all the rides and rode them tons. It was getting cold so we decided to go walk around in some of buildings for a while. When we warmed up we rode some more rides and then headed home. We also stopped to see horses, goats and some sheep. I think next year we will be heading back.

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