Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Life is busy!

Our pumpkin that I carved.

My fireman and my little Kangaroo!

Life is crazy around here with the boys. Connor is doing really well in school. We just had his conference and he got a very good report. He is right were he should be. The only problems we are having with him is he has a hard time focusing on the task at hand. I took him to see the Dr. and he thinks he may have ADD. I have always thought he may but I figured maybe he would grow out of it. I also wasn't wanting to medicate him. After a talk with his teacher at the being of the year, she was very concerned and suggested I take him to the Dr to be evaluated. We are still in the process of getting some things together from the school side but I am looking forward to moving on and see if we can be successful. I don't want him to fall behind as he gets older so we will probably medicate as long as my son isn't a zombie but can function better. Ryan is getting big. I forget he is two because he can talk to well. He is putting complete sentences together. Is is very busy and active and always looking for something to get into. He has a very laid back, funny personality. He is such a joy!! We adore both boys and are enjoying all the phases they are in. It is exciting to see how much they change and grow.
We are doing well. Shannon is home right now looking for a full time job. He is still working on movies doing driving but there isn't a moving starting again until at least February. We would love for him to find a full time job with decent pay and benefits. We are wanting to get into our own place again buy the summer. As far as insurance goes, I need to find some insurance or a lot of cash ($30,000) to be able to pay for my hysterectomy. In September, I had some bleeding issues and lost a lot of blood and needed to have emergency surgery to save my life!! I am very blessed and thankful for the care I received from the Hospital and my OB/GYN. My OB/GYN did inform me that it is imperative I have the surgery because the same thing will happen again. I would ask for prayer for the funds needed. You are welcome to share my prayer request with you prayer group. In fact I would appreciate it. Even with all this, I feel that God is watching over me and keeping me healthy and safe. I am very much at peace with this whole thing. I am frustrated but at peace.
We are gearing up for Christmas here and having gotten up the tree. The boys had a lot of fun putting the ornaments on the tree. They are both so excited for Christmas. Connor has a list as long as his brother. I have told him he isn't going to get everything, I mean seriously, he isn't going to get an hp mini laptop. He is only 7 after all!! Ryan thinks everytime he sees any man with a beard he is either Santa or his Papa!!
I think that gets you all caught up with life at the Freeman household. We covet prayers for a job and $$ for my surgery.

The boys after the tree was decorated.

Ryan trying on the stocking!

Boys decorating the tree.

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