Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It has been a while so I thought I had better get an update on here. The boys are both doing well. We have managed to stay out of the ER! Yeah! Ryan is getting big and he is trying to talk. He says, Mommy, Dada, Hi, Bye. He knows what sound a puppy makes and a kitty. Very cute. He will be talking in no time, I just know it. So I have lots of pics of the boys I want to share. I gave Ryan a pudding the other day and he enjoyed it very much. He was a mess. Last night I was having a bonding moment with Connor, we were in the kitchen and I was showing him how to take the stems out of mushrooms and then I taught him how to cut them up. He loved it and so did I. When we went in to the dining room we noticed that Ryan had gotten into what was left of Connor's PB&J and he had managed to smear it all over himself and Connor's homework. It was so funny. I was wondering why he was so quiet!! The little stinker gets into all kinds of stuff if I don't keep an eye on him!! :-) As you can see from the pics Connor was not happy with his brother at all!!

How could you not love that chocolate face!

Messy little guy!

Connor is not happy about this!!

It was me, I did it!

What a mess!!


The DiLu-Fam said...

Hey! Finally leaving my mark on your blog! The second picture of Ryan looks just like Connor. So cute! I had to laugh at the picture of Ryan with Connor in the back ground with his once homework turned food art! I guess he is not to the age where "little brother destroys my homework" is a GOOD thing! I love that you cook with Connor-I'll bet he ate all his mushrooms!!! Never a dull day in the Freeman Household!!! Keep the cute pictures of those boys coming!!! Hugs and blessings your way! T

heather said...

cute pictures Steph!!!